Jordan | Humble Servant | XXX

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We built our homes on broken bones again
Just to run away from every mistake that we made
A stepping stone so we can reprimand
The ones responsible for showing us our graves

Rip me out 
Of my body and hang me
Upside down, so I can find a way
Into the ground
Underneath the pavement not to
Make a sound
My body buried deep, I'll find a better life for me. 

I'll swing this hammer just to let it resonate
Shake all the faces and the places I can't erase
I guess there's timing when it comes to memories
I'll drift apart from all of you, so tell me what's the use

I'll walk away, nothing's the same. 


"I want to know your plans, and how involved in them I am.."

Since when did La Dispute become a scene band?

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